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It's all yours! Do whatever you want with your server, there are no limits!


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About Us is a non-profit online tool that, upon command, by any registered user, will create a game.
Founded in May 2017, is a public site that has always wanted to provide our users with ground-breaking, up-to-date content, and as much customizable settings as possible. Our tool is backed up by reliable and fast technologies designed to meet our customers' high expectations. Here, at, customer security is of highest importance. We make sure any update we provide is 100% secured and ready-to-go. Do note that any user owning a game, which is provided by us, has the liberty to customize it as much as they wish. does not have the liberty to modify any settings of your re-creation, unless instructed by the owner of the re-creation., however, does have the liberty to disable or temporarily shut down any re-creation to update the site.


This website has helped me fulfill my dream! I was finally able to create a game for my friends and I! Thank you!

This is one of the best websites. It has A LOT of features, but it still needs more... but it's still really great! 18.5/20